Student’s Rules and Regulations

The Registrar of students shall be the Disciplinary Authority of the Students. There shall be a Patron or Matron who shall be the main counselor of male or female students respectively. Students are required to maintain high level of discipline by adhering to the under mentioned rules and regulations in order to create a conducive learning environment.


a.   Any student found in possession of illicit drugs shall be discontinued from the course.

b.   Smoking is not allowed in all public areas including classrooms, dormitories, library, cafeteria, vehicles and meeting areas (open and closed).

c.   Alcohol should only be taken in authorized areas (canteen or bar) and not elsewhere within the Institute campus.

d.   Any student requiring medical treatment must report to the Registrar’s office to obtain a permit and sick sheet which must be returned after Medical treatment.

e.   Students are encouraged to register themselves in one of the institute’s associations and clubs. Political activities are prohibited in the Institute but individual students can participate in politics outside the Institute campus.

f.   A student shall not discriminate or harass his/her fellow student on grounds of sex, tribe, religion, nationality, ethnicity, marital status or disability.

g.   Possession of any kind of weapon in the Institute premises is prohibited.

h.   A student wishing to go out of the Institute must obtain a permit from the Registrar of Students.

i.   Students with permissions to go out but not warranting them to sleep outside the Institute should report back not later than 06:30 pm.

j.   In the event of an emergency like fire occurrence all students are required to participate fully. A students’ fire crew will always be on standby throughout the fire seasons.

k.   Students shall be required to comply with rules and regulations of other Institutions

l.   A Female student who conceives and or delivers during their course of study shall be terminated from studies and shall have to repeat missed modules when next offered and at her own cost.

m.   Students are required to report at the Institute at the beginning of every semester on the prescribed date.

n.   The Institute reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action in respect of any misconduct that occurs on or off campus for which no provision has been made under these rules.